Videos, videos videos

Occasionally, my work requires me to make videos. Some people sayomg Maddie why do you have so many different skills, and I'm just like idk I just do whatever I need to do. So yeah, I have a lot of skills. Final Cut? No problem. Premier? Don't even worry about it. Photoshop? I don't know photoshop, but I'm only 10 hours of Udemy away from being kinda decent at it.

Rhythm Future Quartet: Sleepless

This is a video about people who eat rocks. Lots of people eat rocks. I can't eat rocks because I didn't eat sand when I was little. See the thing is: to eat rocks as an adult, you have to eat sand as a baby. Then you can eat pebbles as a teenager, and big fatties as an adult. Some people start the rock-eating-training process when they're already in their teens, but they don't have the benefit of baby teeth, know what I mean??