Meditation Exercise

April 14th, 2021

This semester, I am taking a course on Religion and Ecology. One of our assignments is to pick a tree and meditate under it.

To pick your tree:

Now, this tree is not just ANY tree. First, walk around in the area you are at and find a tree that you feel drawn to. From there, you can sit by the tree and meditate, read, or draw. The point of this is to connect with nature and the tree. Try seeing life through the trees point of view.

Maggie B Tree


Go everyday for about an hour a time. Listening, looking, feeling, breathing. There’s a ton of activity outside! Try leaving any electronics while you do this. After a while, you may start to feel connected to your tree.

Some people end up naming their tree and feel like they have a deeper connection to the Earth and surrounding area.

A good book to read while relaxing by the tree is “The Secret Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben. This book will have you dive deeper into the world of trees and how they live. It will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the world and the tree you choose.

Some questions to ask yourself during this is activity;

  • What species is your tree?
  • How does it change depending on weather and seasons?
  • How does it interact with its surrounding area?
  • How do humans interact with the tree?
  • How is the soil around the tree?
  • What is the environment that the tree is in?
  • The woods, an open field, close to the street/path?

Have fun exploring this new activity!!!

Emily's Tree Drawing